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Representing injured workers throughout Washington County and Western Maryland!

Whether you were injured working on your construction job  or hurt while rushing through your office in Hagerstown Attorney Rodabaugh is available to help.  Workers Compensation claims are guided by state law however there are a few distinctions between, say Harford County residents, and Washington  County residents injured at work.  When administrative hearings are held for injured washington county residents they will likely take place at the Frederick Maryland Workers Compensation Commission as appose to Baltimore City, Easton, Abingdon, Beltsville, La Plata, or Cambridge. Commission Addresses here.  In some cases Washington County residents may have to travel to La Valle for a hearing.  If a workers compensation case is appealed to the Circuit Court the proper venue will likely be in the Circuit Court for Washington County.  Mr. Rodabaugh regularly handles hundreds of workers compensation cases at the Administrative level as well as cases throughout the Circuit Courts of Maryland..

Mr. Rodabaugh has represented many Washington County residents in their workers compensation cases.  Let him help you navigate the mountains of paperwork and issues!

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Here is a sampling of Washington County Workers Compensation Claims Mr. Rodabaugh has handled.

  • Carpenter injured his neck attempting to ascend a ladder onto the roof of a job site.  He ended up requiring a cervical fusion and extensive medical treatment.  He case went on to have a value of well over $100,000.
  • Roofer strained his neck and shoulder.  Treatment consisted of a course of physical therapy.  He was awarded Mr. Rodabaugh recovered $9,000 for him at a workers compensation hearing.
  • Maintenance man operating his work truck was involved in a motor vehicle collision resulting in a back and neck injury.  Washington County workers compensation attorney Mr. Rodabaugh was able to fight to get medical treatment authorized as well as help recover over $40,000 in benefits.
  • Landscaper fell while performing his job and injured his right knee.  A course of physical therapy was obtained and a steroid injection was provided.  The injured worker had amassed a large medical bill that he was unable to pay for out of pocket and health insurance was not being provided by the employer.  Mr. Rodabaugh was able to get the workers compensation insurer to pay the medical bills and also obtain a settlement for his client over $15,000.
  • A hospital technician fell and sprained her back and shoulder.  Treatment obtained was minimal consisting of less than 10 physical therapy appointments over the course of 2 months.  A hearing before the Workers Compensation Commission was held and resulted in a payout that left the injured worker in a difficult position financially.  After appealing the case an addition $8,000 was recovered for the injured worker.

Injured Washington County residents have rights!

Regardless of the rights that are provided to injured workers by law on a regular occasion the workers compensation insurance company refuses to provide these benefits.  This is when the zealous and experienced representation of Washington County workers compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh is needed!  Whether you are being denied your rights or if you have questions or concerns call Mr. Rodabaugh today for a free consultation.

  • Right to a Hearing–  Should the workers compensation adjuster deny a benefit to which the injured worker is entitled the injured worker may request a hearing before the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.  Again, for Washington County Maryland workers compensation cases the hearing will likely take place in Frederick, Maryland or La Valle, Maryland.  It is important the injured worker make their best effort to obtain a Washington County workers compensation attorney to represent them in at the hearing and in the case.
  • Temporary Total Disability (Lost Wages)–  If an injured worker is not able to perform the duties of their occupation because of a work injury then the workers compensation insurer is responsible to pay lost wages.  These payments are in the amount 66% of the gross average wage of the injured worker.  As of 2017 these payments are not taxed.  The average weekly wage is determined by the 14 weeks of pay just before the accident.  If there are not 14 weeks of pay history then the payments that were made are averaged out to determine the average weekly wage.  In order for the injured worker to qualify for lost wages the injured worker must have a doctor indicate in writing they are not able to work because of the work accident.
  • Permanency or Settlement-  Once medical treatment has concluded and the injured worker has been discharged from their treating physician they may be entitled to Permanency compensation or a settlement with workman’s comp.  If the injured Washington County resident remains symptomatic after the treatment has concluded he or she is entitled to a permanency award.  In order to obtain a permanency award a rating must be performed by a qualified physician.  There are limited number of qualified rating physicians in the state of Maryland and especially Washington County.  Extra care should be taken not to select an unqualified or insurance oriented rating doctor.   
  • Vocational Rehabilitation- Unfortunately there are injuries that leave the injured worker unable to return to their previous line of employment.  Under Maryland law these individuals become entitled to vocational rehabilitation benefits.  The core purpose of the Voc Rehab process is to get the injured worker back to work in some capacity making as close to the same wages they were making prior to the work accident.  The new job must also be within their physical restrictions.  Successful placements are referred to obtaining suitable, gainful, employment.  For those who take some form of pay cut this often leads to increased permanency compensation or increased settlement value.
  • Paid Medical Treatment- One  of the most coveted benefits under Maryland workers compensation law is that the injured worker is entitled to paid for medical treatment for life as long as the nature and extent of the injury so demands.  Minor injuries will not require lifetime medical treatment and attempts to obtain further medical treatment in minor cases often fail.  However, in the more severe cases which often require surgery the right to medical treatment can be very important to some injured workers, especially those with inadequate health insurance or no health insurance.  While medical treatment is a right provided under Maryland law, this right is balanced with the workers compensation insurance companies right to fight the medical treatment which often leads to the necessity of a workers comp hearing.

Questions commonly asked of Washington County Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh Esq:

  • Do I have to notify my employer of the injury?  Maryland law does require the injured worker provide notice to the employer or supervisor within 10 days of the accident however this is not a rule without exceptions.  Unless the employer is prejudiced by the lack of notice then it is often extended.  There are a number of statutory deadlines that exist in Maryland laws the injured worker must be aware of or else they may lose all rights under their case.
  • Should I hire a Washington County workers compensation attorney?  There is truly no need to focus on hiring a local attorney for representation as there are numerous ways to communicate electronically, but also most communication can also be processed through the mail system.  Whether hiring an attorney is necessary- As an attorney of course I say yes.  Here is a list of the pros and cons of hiring an attorney that the injured worker should consider. It is a confusing process that can be simplified greatly by letting an attorney handle the matter.
  • Can I just use health insurance for my treatment? Very often injured workers use their health insurance for workers comp matters.  The risk by doing this can be devastating however.  The use of health insurance can lead to unpaid bills, rescinded payments, and unpaid balances which do on occasion exceed just a few thousand dollars.  Other risks of using health insurance is that it may lead to irreparable harm to the workers compensation claim and damage any future rights.
  • How long until I can settle my case or take my case to permanency?  Each and every case is different in terms of settlement.  Some settle within a couple months of the accident, while it is necessary for other cases to go on for years before settlement.  Permanency compensation (I often refer to as a mini settlement) can be obtained once the injured worker has been discharged from care and there are no plans to get active treatment.  Permanency is often favored because the right to medical treatment remains open.
  • Can I change jobs while going through workers comp?  Changing jobs ordinarily does not have a great impact on the workers comp case but this is something that should be discussed with an attorney before pursuing as vocational rehabilitation rights may be affected, as well as lost wage payments.  Note though, changing jobs does not end the right to workers compensation benefits and the case continues.


Mr Rodabaugh represents injured workers in their workers compensation cases in:

Boonsboro, Clear Spring, Funkstown, Hagerstown, Hancock, Keedysville, Sharpsburg, Smithsburg, and Williamsport.

I endorse this lawyer.  Mr. Rodabaugh provides accurate answers that reflect the type of representation that he is able to provide.
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