Baltimore Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney Not returning calls?

Communication between an attorney and an injured worker is important in Maryland!

At a certain point an injured worker should not hesitate to contact a new attorney if their current attorney is not returning his or her calls and communication is lacking.  Maryland workers compensation attorneys are obligated to keep their clients reasonably informed throughout the claim process.

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How often should my Baltimore workers comp attorney speak with me?

As a very rough estimate once a month is reasonable and practical.  Depending on the circumstances of the case it may not be necessary for the attorney to speak with the client for six months at a time.  This may be the case if treatment is being obtained and the workers comp adjuster is not denying the treatment.  If things are flowing smoothly than Maryland workers compensation attorneys usually do not need to hear from the client.  In other circumstances it may be necessary for the injured worker to call their comp attorney once a week for a few weeks.  This does not mean injured workers should expect communication every week, however their may come a time frequent and repeated conversations are necessary in order to prepare for an upcoming hearing or in order to work out a resolution to the issues at hand.  Maryland workers compensation laws are confusing so it can be expected injured workers will have many questions in the beginning of the case and therefore the client should expect regular conversations with their workers comp attorney.

Is my Baltimore workers comp attorney avoiding me?

If the attorney is avoiding there client, shame on them.  Most often the lack of communication comes from the attorney having many clients.  This is not an excuse for lack of communication and it is up to the attorney to ensure that he or she is available for their clients on a regular basis.  It is often necessary for Maryland workers compensation attorney’s to hire support staff so that they can assist clients while the attorney is unavailable.

There may certainly come a time when the attorney is in a multiple day trial, or is in workers compensation hearings for an extended period of time.  Occasionally having to wait a week for a return call should not be taken personal and it may be necessary to allow the maryland workers compensation attorney to get caught up on returning calls.  However, this should not be the norm.  A return call should be made within one or two days.  Maryland workers compensation hearing typically take up a half of the attorneys’ day so when he or she has a hearing they will not be able to be reached for a day, sometimes two.

When should I consider obtaining a new attorney to handle my workers compensation case?

This question is tough to answer because each and every Maryland workers compensation case is different and each injured worker has different needs.  When making this decision the injured worker must consider if questions going unanswered are potentially damaging to their case, how often the attorney is available for conversation, are the conversations meaningful to the injured worker, does the injured worker feel like they are being neglected?  Explaining these concerns to the representing lawyer can help salvage the relationship and also be in the best interest of the injured worker.  Many Maryland workers compensation attorneys are open to discuss any negative feelings.

If the injured workers emails, calls, texts have gone unanswered for a month or more it may be time to reconsider their choice of Attorney.  It is best to call and consult another Maryland licensed attorney for a consultation.  Consultations with workers comp attorneys in Maryland are always at no cost.

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