Workers Comp Cases Handled

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Experience as a Workers Compensation Attorney

Mr Rodabaugh has handled Maryland workers compensation cases involving almost every type of injury imaginable.  Notably, compensation was recovered in 99% of those cases.  It is important to have a Maryland Workmans Comp Attorney with extensive legal knowledge but your attorney should also have an understanding of the medical aspects of the case.  Understanding the injury and the complexity can help determine medical treatment needed, the value of the case, the expected course of the case, and the expected future treatment.

Examples of Maryland Workers Comp injuries handled by Mr. Rodabaugh

Acl tears (anterior cruciate ligament),
achilles tendon tears,
ankle fractures,
bicep tears,
bilateral wrist fractures,
burst fractures
carpal tunnel,
crps (complex region pain syndrome),
cubital tunnel,
dental surgery,
disc herniations,
dupuytrens contracture,
failed back surgery syndrome,
fractured vertebrae,
hip fractures,
labral tears,
partial knee replacements,
psychological injuries,
rotator cuff,
rsd (reflex sympothetic dystrophy),
shoulder replacements,
skin grafts,
thoracic outlet syndrome,
torn meniscus,
torn mcl (medial cruciate ligament),
torn supraspinatus tendons,
total knee replacements,
trigger finger,

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Notable Recoveries in Maryland Workers Compensation Cases

$400,000 complex regional pain syndrome.
$250,000 Neck Fusion
$220,000 Cuada Equina Syndrome
$95,000 shoulder and neck injury
$90,000 hip fracture
$75, 000 for shoulder injury
$65,000 knee injury

For immediate assistance call +1 (410) 937-1659 and speak with Mr. Rodabaugh for a free consultation.