Workers Comp Denied Medical Treatment, Claim, or Compensation

Has the Maryland workers comp denied your treatment or are they refusing to provide authorization?  Did they deny an MRI or surgery?  Perhaps they denied the claim?

Sometimes workers comp approves the claim, provides all necessary medical treatment authorizations but..

..Then out of know where workers comp denied medical treatment!

On occasion the workers compensation process starts off very easy for the workers comp recipients.  The worker is injured at work and is sent by the employer to a medical clinic for treatment.  The clinic may be one such as WorkMed, Concentra, or Patient First.  Treatment is provided in the form of medication, x-rays, and possibly some physical therapy.  Everything seems to be smooth sailing while treatment is obtained however out of know where workers comp denied medical treatment.  This most often comes at a very unexpected time and to the Maryland injured worker it seems very confusing.

When to expect the ” workers comp denied ” stamp

There is one very common point in a claim that the injured worker can suspect that treatment is going to be denied.  This happens right around the time an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) is scheduled.  An IME is schedule by the insurance adjuster.  The injured worker is required to attend an IME with a doctor carefully chosen by the adjuster.  The purpose is not to get a second opinion despite what the injured worker may be told.  IME’s are used for the workers comp denials.

One common point when the injured employee will be told workers comp denied medical treatment is if an magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is prescribed.  The reasoning is that the MRI may help determine what needs to be fixed.  X-rays will show if any bones are fractured and are relatively inexpensive so these are most often approved by the adjuster with no problem.  MRI’s on the other hand cost much more than x-rays and will diagnose soft tissue damage, ligament tears, muscle tears, blood issues, and much more.  Once a condition is discovered the Maryland workers comp insurance company will have to pay to have this fixed.  If no condition is discovered then they save money.  It is very common to hear workers comp denied an MRI or diagnostic test.

Another common milestone for the adjuster to deny medical treatment is when surgery is being recommended.  Not only is surgery expensive, but lost wages, further therapy, medication, and complications can increase the cost of the claim exponentially.  Further, once a surgery is performed on an injured worker the need for future treatment is substantiated which means  workers comp could be on the hook for years to come.  Regularly I am told workers comp denied my surgery

Why was treatment through workers comp denied?

The short answer- treatment is getting too expensive or your case and its too serious for the workers compensation adjuster to simply continue paying for the medical treatment.  The theory is to provide minimal treatment and hope that the worker returns to work without seeking a Maryland workmans compensation attorney and without seeking all the benefits to which law provides.  Likely, workers comp denied treatment at a point where the case is becoming increasing costly or is about to become costly.

What to do if workers comp denied medical treatment or your claim

Contact a workers comp attorney.  They work on a contingency fee basis meaning that payment is made out of money recovered for the injured worker.  If the injured worker does not receive any compensation the lawyer loses his advanced costs, expenses, and time.  If only the medical treatment is at stake and no money or compensation is at stake the workers comp attorney may still consider representation for Free!

If this is the situation you are faced with then you may be quite frustrated and it is probably time to seek counsel with an experienced  Baltimore Maryland workers compensation attorney.  A workers compensation attorney can take steps to force the insurer to pay for your medical treatment.  A hearing can be requested before the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission to obtain the treatment you deserve and any other benefits that you may have gone without thus far.


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