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There are multiple forms of workers compensation money in any given Maryland workers compensation case. 

It is important for the injured worker to understand the types of money available so that they do not short change themselves when it comes time for settlement.  Understanding the various forms of potential cash is important for any injured worker and they should discuss workers comp money available to them with their Maryland work injury attorney so that all benefits are accounted for at the time of settlement.

It is important to note that the only way to force workers comp money from the insurance company is to go to a hearing before the Workers Compensation Commission.  If you believe you are owed money from workers comp contact Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh for a FREE consultation at

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Maryland Lost wages or Temporary Total Disability Money

In every Maryland workers compensation case there is potential for the injured worker to obtain lost wage money if they missed time from work because of the work accident.  These wages are paid at 2/3’s of the injured workers average paycheck.  The 2/3 is tax free but the injured worker may be responsible to pay for health insurance, retirement, or any other contributions that they ordinarily pay out of their paycheck.  In some circumstances the employer voluntarily pays the employee full salary in lieu of the workers comp money.  In Maryland this is completely voluntary and up to the employer.  If the employer pays full salary then the injured worker would not qualify for lost wage money in Maryland.

Permanency Money/ Permanent Partial Disability in Maryland-

Once the employee is released from their doctors care or is found to be at Maximum Medical Improvement the injured worker may qualify for permanency money.  In Maryland this is referred to as Permanent Partial Disability money (PPD money) and is only available to employees with remaining issues as a result of the injury.  This could be scarring, minor aches and pains, hardware in their body, or any other “permanent” issue.  In order to obtain permanency money a rating would likely be necessary.  Also, a hearing before the Commission may also be necessary and if so it is a good idea to have a Maryland workers compensation Attorney assist.

Maryland workers comp Reopening Money-

Injured Maryland workers who have gone to a permanency hearing, or have obtained permanency money are entitled to attempt to reopen their claim for further compensation and medical treatment.  This is ordinarily not willingly provided by the insurance company.  The injured worker who has not settle their case but only obtained permanency may reopen and obtain further medical treatment if there is a doctor that is so prescribing.  If the injured worker is worse then they were at the time of the prior permanency money then they can have an updated rating performed and seek out more permanency money.  The option of reopening is often something that the injured worker fails to understand or realize as an option.  Often the injured worker believes that when they go to a permanency hearing or get permanency money that is a settlement of their claim.  There is a distinct difference in permanency money and settlement money under Maryland workers compensation laws.

Settlement Money-

Settlement money may be paid by workers comp to the injured Maryland Worker in an attempt to foreclose all or a part of their rights to future benefits under the claim.  Settlement money paid may be only to close out the medical portion of the case, the indemnity portion of the case, or both.

Vocational Rehabilitation Money-

If the injured Maryland worker loses his job because of the workplace injury then he or she may be a candidate for vocational rehabilitation.  Vocational rehabilitation is essentially a job counseling program that will help the injured worker find work, or train the injured worker for better re-entry into the job market.  Along with the counseling, the injured worker is entitled to Vocational Rehabiliation money while they seek employment.  This money is paid out at the same rate as the lost wages- 2/3 of the average weekly paycheck of the injured Maryland worker.

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