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The local Maryland workers compensation attorney in  Baltimore, Frederick, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Bowie, Towson, Parkville, Cockeysville, Essex, Dundalk, Cambridge, Easton, Frederick, Hagerstown, Glen Burnie, Severna Park, La Plata, or Waldorf  may not be your best option.

While it is instinct to first search for any service near a persons home there may be better options further away.  Selecting an attorney is a process that should not be made without some thought.

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Choosing the right Maryland workers comp attorney is important for injured workers. Take advantage of the multiple free consultations!

If you have been injured while on the job and need a Maryland workers compensation lawyer, or if you simply need an attorney for a legal matter it is important to pick the right person for representation.  There are many qualified attorneys who can often get you similar results in your workers compensation case, however there are also some that are better than others.  Consultations are always free so the injured worker can screen multiple  Maryland workers comp attorneys rather than choosing the first one they speak with.  Do not just take your friend, co-worker, or union reps word for who is a good Maryland workers compensation attorney.

The neighborhood workers comp attorney or the workers comp attorney on the other side of the state

While it may  be convenient to use the local workers comp attorney that may not always be a good match.  Most cases, and especially Maryland workers comp cases, can be handled over the phone or through mail.  The injured employee should not be reluctant to contact an attorney that is a good distance away from them just to avoid the traveling.  Also, any court appearances or workers comp hearing locations will be based on the injured workers residence so the attorney will have to travel to the injured employee for any formal proceedings.

Think about the qualities you want in your Maryland Workers Comp attorney

Most people would not go to a car dealership and spend $15,000 or more without doing some research and preparations.  So a workers compensation claimant/injured worker should not rely on just any attorney to maximize the benefits they receive under Maryland Workers Compensation laws.  The difference between a good Maryland workers compensation attorney and a no so good attorney could easily mean the difference of $15,000 or more.

The first and very logical step in deciding to hire a workmans comp attorney in Maryland is to think about what qualities you would want in your lawyer.  For instance communication is often a concern among claimants.  The workers comp process can be confusing and it is justifiable to want some explanation along the way so that you can better understand where you are in the case.  A compassionate compensation attorney is going to be more charged up about your case and will naturally have the desire to fight for your benefits.  The compassion will show during that initial interview with the attorney and if doesn’t seem to show then question the attorney about some cases he or she has handled that really got them fired up.  This can easily be answered by any attorney  who has compassion.

Consider whether you want an attorney that handles a great variety of case types or if you want an attorney that focuses on one or two areas of law.  While there are a good number of attorneys that practice in many areas of law it is often a good idea to retain an attorney who focuses in only a few areas of law especially when considering a Maryland workers compensation attorney.  The reason is that the laws are constantly changing and an attorney practicing in a many areas of law may not have the time to dedicate keeping up with the changes and applying them to his or her practice.  Maryland workers comp laws are particularly intricate and change considerably over time.  It is often a good idea for an injured worker to retain the services of Baltimore workers compensation attorney that practices solely in workman’s comp and personal injury.  Doing so will help ensure that the employee’s attorney is up to date on his knowledge of the laws.

It is a good idea to consider the temperament of the attorney you are interviewing and considering to retain.  A common misconception is to obtain a Maryland workman’s compensation attorney that will fight their a#* off and make the other side pay for it!  Indeed it is a good idea to have a lawyer that will fight very hard for you, but this must be accompanied with the ability to use reasoning and rationale to obtain all the benefits to which you are entitled.  The fighting attorney will get you benefits but he may also create unnecessary hurdles the reasonable attorney can avoid.  These hurdles can cause set backs which could prolong your case, The a#* kicking attorney is often met with much more defiance and reluctance than the reasonable attorney and is unable to get out of his own way at times.  This can be detrimental to your Maryland workers comp case.  As a prior defense attorney I often fought very hard against the a#* kicking attorney’s while providing the pleasant attorneys more concessions.  The best practice is to find a Maryland workers comp attorney that will obtain all the benefits for the injured worker by whatever means necessary; this can be through a#* kicking but could be through pleasant dealings and reasonable conversations.  Find a Baltimore workers compensation attorney that can do both!  After all, sometimes you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

Prepare to ask questions

The ability to ask questions throughout the workers compensation process is very important to many injured workers.  Retaining a workers comp lawyer that can be contacted regularly is sometimes not an easy task.  Make sure to ask the lawyer you are thinking of hiring if they have support staff to help with questions, how much support staff they have, and how often the attorney is available for questions.  Are they a 9 to 5 attorney or are they willing to talk on the weekend and evenings as well?

It is usually a bit more comforting to be able to speak with your attorney regularly rather than dealing with staff the entire time.  Do not be reluctant to ask the perspective attorney how often they will be speaking with you.

If you are an injured worker in Maryland you probably should know a little about the workers comp attorney’s background to see if they can in some way relate to your situation.  The workers compensation process can be financially burdening and it is important to have an attorney that truly understands what you are going through and how it is affecting you physically but also financially.  Some attorneys are numb to the concept of living pay check to pay check while other Baltimore workmans comp attorneys have actually been in that scenario.  Those are the attorneys that will understand your situation.

The legal experience of your Maryland workers compensation attorney is important.  30 years of practice experience is commendable but if all those years are in estate law or criminal and you need a Maryland workers comp lawyer than he or she may not be a good fit.  The years of experience may not compare to a newer attorney who has practiced in only one or two areas of law.  

There are a lot of workers compensation attorneys in Maryland, there are even less experienced workers compensation attorneys in Maryland!


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