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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Maryland’s Public Safety Employees- Are we paying attention to a real issue or are we turning a blind eye?

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When Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is mentioned most people probably turn their thoughts and discussion towards veterans of foreign wars.  When broadcasting about PTSD the overwhelming focus in the news revolves around the soldiers who have experienced exposure to a traumatic or surreal event.  A quick google images search for horrific war pictures can help assist those who have difficulty understanding what can create this psychological condition among our beloved veterans.  The public response to our soldiers suffering from PTSD is to offer assistance and provide avenues through which they can seek help.  It is not apparent that there is help to the same extent offered to our firefighters.  Could it be that we do not understand how firefighters can develop PTSD?

Perhaps it is the lack of publication that leads to the difficulty in understanding how our coveted Firefighters can develop PTSD.  If there were more write-ups like ABC2News’  then the nation would begin to focus and offer assistance to our firefighters.  While a quick google images search can explain how fighting fire can be psychologically damaging, oddly, there are also many pictures that seem to glorify firefighter.  The reality is that it is a glorified job, but unfortunately, this may come with a tough guy label which creates reluctance to treat among firefighters, and reluctance to understand among the public.  I would suspect that as awareness of the psychological condition grows among the public the amount of treatment offered and provided to Marylands’ fighters will increase.  Workers Compensation insurers should be there to assist and provide all the benefits to which these Fireman deserve.

Firefighter can get help through Maryland Workers Comp

Maryland law provides that if a psychological condition arises out of and in the course of employment then the injured worker is entitled to treatment under the labor and employment article.  In order to determine if the condition is related the treating psychologist will need to indicate so.

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