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Maryland Workers Compensation Hearing

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All about Maryland Workers Compensation Hearings

Injured employees involved in a workers compensation case often wonder what to expect at a workers compensation hearing.  The unknown often creates uneasiness and undue nervousness.  This is the case especially if the only hearings or court room proceedings the individual has been exposed to are those on television which create an inaccurate portrayal of reality.

If you have been notified of a Maryland workers compensation hearing you should contact a workmans comp attorney for a free consultation before hand.  Injury lawyers in Baltimore and throughout Maryland can not charge for a consultation and will work on a contingency basis.


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Where are Maryland Workers Compensation hearings held

The central Maryland workers compensation hearing location is in Baltimore at the Maryland Workers Compensation headquarters.  This is located at 10 E. Baltimore Street.  In addition to this location there are hearing held in Beltsville Maryland, Abingdon Maryland, Cambridge Maryland, La Vale Maryland, La Platta Maryland, and Frederick Maryland.  With the exception of La Vale, all of these hearing locations are in a state Workers Compensation facility.  La Vale workers compensation hearings take place in a hotel conference room, presumably because of budgetary restrictions.

Who will be at my Maryland Workers Compensation hearing

The hearing facilities are only for Workers Compensation cases so everyone at the hearing will be involved in a Workers Compensation Case to some extent.  There will be workmans comp attorneys representing injured workers, Attorneys representing workers comp insurers, injured workers, security, the Commissioner (judge), and a court stenographer.  On occasion there are also witnesses.  Witnesses in a workers compensation case often include supervisors, co-workers, insurance adjusters, and family members of the injured employee.

There is no need to be nervous at your Maryland Workers Compensation hearing!

There will not be any Matlock or Law & Order moments at the hearing.  Attorneys remain seated during questioning.  The commissioner does not have a gavel.  Very, very rarely does the workers comp commission have to call for the gallery to quite down.  For the most part, workers compensation attorneys do not show aggression at the commission level.  There are a few “sour” apple attorneys but an experienced and qualified Baltimore workers compensation attorney can discuss with the injured worker how to handle these attorneys.  An experienced attorney will know these sour apples by a first name basis and know their weaknesses.  While Maryland workers compensation hearings are not nearly as formal as traditional court the legal issues at state should not be taken lightly.  Representation by an experienced workmans comp attorney is usually recommended.

Maryland Workers Compensation Hearing Procedures

The hearing notice will specifically say the location of the hearing and to be present at 9:30 a.m.  This is not optional for the injured worker and he or she must attend if they want workers compensation benefits of any sort.  Around 9:30 a.m. the commissioner will enter the Maryland workers compensation hearing room with the stenographer or court reporter.  The commissioner will call each case on the docket and the injured worker or their attorney will verbally acknowledge their presence.  Once the entire docket is called cases will be called on an individual bases in the order they appear on the docket list.  There are usually one or a few changes in the order of the docket.  There are ordinarily some preliminary matters.  Preliminary matters are quick discussions between the attorneys and the commissioner which usually resolve the issues in their particular case.

When the individual cases are called the parties will approach with the injured worker going to the witness chair.  Both the Maryland workmans comp attorney and the insurance attorney will be seated at the same table.  There may also be a representative from the injured workers’ employer at the table, although there is not always a representative there.  Each Maryland workers compensation hearing length can vary depending on the issues to be argued.  Most are shorter than 20 minutes but some can go hours if there is a complex issue at hand.  The injured worker will be questioned by their attorney first and then the insurance attorney.

It is important to note that each hearing will be different.  Some of the issues being argued will involved medical treatment, some will involve financial compensation, others may be a bit complex involving vocational rehabilitation, penalties, fees, sanctions, pain management and more.  A qualified attorney can quickly spot what issues other hearing involve and explain this to their client.  It may be helpful for the client to observe a hearing that is similar to their own.

Maryland Workers Compensation Hearing Conclusion

Only on a very rare occasion does the Commissioner announce their decision at the hearing.  A qualified attorney can help the injured worker understand what to expect in the decision.  The employer will receive a decision in the mail at some point in the future.  This often depends on the commissioner assigned to the docket that day however all commissioners are expected to issue their decision within 30 days of the hearing.


Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh regularly practices as a Baltimore Workers Compensation Attorney and travels throughout the state of Maryland for workers compensation hearings.

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Maryland Workers Compensation Hearings
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