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Baltimore Auto Accident Lawyer

Andrew M. Rodabaugh Esq.

Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh represents injury victims throughout the state of Maryland.  While is home office is located in Baltimore he often travels to meet clients throughout the state.  Mr. Rodabaugh will represent clients in Allegany, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Baltimore City, Calvert, Caroline, Carroll, Cecil, Charles, Dorchester, Frederick, Garrett, Harford, Howard, Kent, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s, St. Mary’s, Somerset, Talbot, Washington, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties.

The Baltimore auto accident process can be confusing for some to navigate on their own.  The good news for injury victim is that representation is on contingency basis meaning Baltimore auto accident lawyers are only paid if money is recovered!

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How much does a Baltimore auto accident lawyer cost?

Personal injury and auto accident attorneys are paid on a contingency basis.  What does this mean for the accident victim you may ask?  The attorney will foot the expenses for the case and seek reimbursement and a fee only if compensation is recovered.  Expenses can vary greatly depending on the severity of the injuries and magnitude of the accident.  For many injury victims, just paying for medical records is an impossibility because of financial restraint .  Medical records are vital to any claim for compensation and without them the case would carry minimal value.  A Baltimore auto accident attorney would pay for the records upfront and seek reimbursement at the time of settlement or judgement.  If no money is recovered the lawyer loses his money.

Along with reimbursement of expenses Baltimore accident lawyers would also have an agreed amount of fee percentage the injury victim would agree to pay if money is recovered.  The customary fee arrangement calls for a fee of 33 1/3 %  of the total settlement amount.  If the case were to require litigation such as a civil complaint being filed then there is the possibility of a 40% fee share.  The actual fees paid are noted in the retainer agreement signed by the injury victim.

Do you need an attorney if you were involved in a Baltimore auto accident?

Not necessarily.  In most cases it is advised because the amount of compensation recovered is ordinarily exponentially more than what a pro se plaintiff (person representing him or herself) would recover.

There are certainly circumstances where an accident lawyer is not necessary.  One instance is in the event there are no injuries, the need for an attorney should be questioned.  There are some Baltimore accident accident that will handle claims for depreciation of value in the automobile being driven, however the attorney fee would come out of the money recovered.  A collision involving low property damage is another circumstance that may not require the assistance of a auto accident lawyer.  For instance a collision resulting in minor bumper damage and no or very little bodily injury may justify the victim making a small bodily injury demand directly to the adjuster rather than an attorney handling the case and recovering a small fee for the work performed and the victim recovering even less than if they demanded money themselves.  Because Baltimore auto accident lawyers provide free consultations it is always best to obtain a consultation before attempting to handle a claim pro se.

Baltimorew auto accident lawyerBaltimore auto accident lawyer

What can a Baltimore auto accident lawyer do for you?

  • For starters, provide a free consultation.  This will ultimately place the injury victim in a better position than they were before the consultation.  The only cost is the time and trip to the attorney, or the time and phone call!
  • An attorney will ordinarily be able to align the accident victim with a treating physician in a timely fashion.  Going through a primary care doctor has its benefits however the treatment is usually delayed a little and the injured may require immediate medical treatment.  An additional benefit to the injury victim is the expensive and cumulative co-pays are often waived when they are referred by an attorney.  Unfortunately some people do not have health insurance so obtaining medical treatment is simply not feasible, however with a Baltimore auto accident lawyer this becomes a non issue and the victim is able to obtain treatment and not worry about the financially devastating medical bills.
  • Handling a car crash case may seem like simple and can summarily be explained to indicate the same.  Someone gets wrongly hit by another driver.  They get medical treatment, then call and request settlement from the adjusters.  Get paid and go on their way.  In reality it is not usually this simple.  Insurance adjuster ordinarily do not offer a fair settlement when just a phone call is made.  Medical records must be provided which show there was pain and suffering involved.  Without any indication of pain and suffering the adjuster does not have adequate settlement authority to offer the victim what they deserve.  No medical records = low settlement.
  • Baltimore auto accident lawyers will obtain medical records and thereafter provide a break down of the medical costs and expenses to ensure that each medical provider is reimbursed.  This will also help with negotiations.  Failure to reimburse medical providers may result in them later seeking payment from the victim.  Most often at a time when the victim simply can not afford to pay the medical bills.
  • An attorney will also help obtain any government lien on the claim. If medicare or medicaid is not paid back for their expenses the future treatment the victim may require could be denied by them.  The government wants their money back out of any settlement.
  • Conversations with the insurance company can prove to damage an accident case if the wrong things are said.  A Baltimore auto accident lawyer can help prepare the injury victim before giving any recorded or written statements so as to avoid any damage to the claim.  For instance, lying or forgetting about a prior auto accident claim can take a settlement value of 100 to 0 in no time.
  • Navigating litigation is not an easy task for most people.  If a lawsuit is filed and the case is taken to court there is much preparation that must be done.  This may include court appearances prior to trial, settlement conferences, motions hearings and more.  Often there are mediations, depositions, and discovery documents that must be provided.  These are all things that a auto accident attorney can help with.  In many instances the lawyer can handle these things with not work required of the victim.
  • A auto lawyer can help with questions.  Questions will inevitably arise if it is the first time the person was involved in a car crash.  Even most people who have been in auto accidents before still have questions that need to be answered.  It is true that the insurance adjusters may be able to provide answers to questions but they are not considering the injury victims best interest when providing these answers.  After all, they are in the business to make money not spend it.
  • Injury victims need an advocate to fight for their rights.  A lawyer will determine their rights, explain their rights, and fight for their rights!
  • Baltimore auto accident lawyers are not always necessary however in many cases they are almost a requirement if the injury victim wants fair and just compensation.


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Mr. Rodabaugh works along with attorneys from the law firm of Cohen & Dwin P.A. providing the representation that injury victims need.  Cases are carefully handled by experienced staff to ensure that each and every client obtains the representation they need on their side.  As a Baltimore auto accident attorney Mr. Rodabaugh strives for maximum compensation in each and every case.



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