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Parkville Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh is here to Help!

Whether you were involved in an automobile accident or a slip and fall, Andrew M. Rodabaugh can help obtain fair and equitable compensation.  In addition to compensation there are other benefits to which the law entitles injured workers such as paid for medical treatment, paid for medical devises and diagnostics, assistance with medical care, transportation, medications, job counseling and more.  If you have been injured and live in or around Parkville Maryland let local Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh help you along the way while you navigate the sometimes confusing legal process.


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Workers Compensation Attorney

Parkville workers compensation attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh can assist injured workers obtain all the benefits that workers compensation insurance provides.  This may include lost wages, medical treatment, travel accommodations, employment counseling, and settlement or permanency compensation.  If you live in Parkville Maryland or the surrounding areas than Attorney Rodabaugh is able to help you obtain these benefits and make sure that the workers compensation insurers are not denying your rights.

Lost wages known as Temporary Total Disability payments 

When an employee is injured at work and requires medical treatment they may qualify for payment of lost wages, or temporary total disability payments (TTD).  To qualify they must first not be able to work there job because of an injury.  A doctor must also issue the injured worker a note indicating he or she is unable to work because of that injury.  The employer must also not have alternative employment options for the injured employee.  It is important to note that if an injured worker is offered a light duty position performing a different job with the same employer then the injured employee may not qualify for workers compensation TTD payments.  For instance, a mechanic ruptures his bicep while changing an automobile part.  He is told by a doctor that he may not use his injured right arm in any way while recovering.  The employer may offer the mechanic an office job filing paperwork and the mechanic would be required to perform that job.  Failure to do so would not result in workers compensation payments and may also lead to his termination from employment.

Alternatively, some employers offer accommodations that are not reasonable and the injured worker may properly decline the accommodation.  Using the mechanic from the above example, suppose the employer offered him a job putting tires in the tire bin.  It is not reasonable to expect a person to lift tires all day using one arm.  The mechanic could decline the “light duty” job offer and possibly recover workers compensation lost wage benefits (TTD).  Injured workers should contact a workers compensation attorney before considering whether to accept a light duty job offer or decline a light duty job offer as there is a very careful legal analysis that should take place before making the proper decision.  Failure to accept a reasonable accommodation could lead to the termination.  

Medical treatment in Parkville Maryland for a workers compensation injury

There are many medical providers in Parkville Maryland that accept workers compensation insurance.  Some of which rely on workers compensation attorneys to make sure they are paid for treating an injured worker Others treat the injured worker and hope that the workers compensation insurance will pay them for the treatment.  While other medical providers refuse to treat an injured worker until workers compensation insurance has approved the appointment.  It is this latter category that proves to be difficult for many injured workers. 

While Parkville residents are fortunate enough to have many medical providers around that will treat them without the pre-authorization, other areas of the state are not so lucky and often times the injured worker is stuck waiting weeks before they can be seen by a doctor.  If you have been injured and are having a difficult time getting in to see a doctor for treatment, or even a first consultation, contact a workers compensation attorney immediately.  Workers Comp Attorneys often develop a relationship with medical providers and the medical providers will agree to treat the injured without pre-approval or pre-payment.  Parkville Workers Compensation attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh has a number of medical facilities to which he can refer injured workers to for treatment.

Once treatment is concluded or once medical bills have accumulated the workers compensation attorney will ensure those bills are paid by the workers compensation insurance company or by way of a settlement with the workers compensation insurer.

Employment Counseling for injured workers

Some injured workers are unfortunately not able to return to their pre-injury occupation.  Despite receiving proper medical treatment and complying with all of the doctors orders the injured worker may not have the ability to lift what they were once able to lift, or walk as long as they once could walk.  This may cause them to be unemployed or unemployable.  If an injured worker is unemployed because of their physical limitations resulting from the work injury he or she may qualify for vocational rehabilitation.  This may be in the form of re-education then application or simply assistance with finding and applying for a new job within the employees new physical limitations.  Most workers compensation attorneys have vocational counselors they are familiar and comfortable with to the point that they trust them to assist injured workers with finding re-employment.

Settlement and/or Permanency compensation 

Injured workers are entitled to permanency compensation if they have a permanent impairment as a result of the workplace injury.  Some employees who go through workers compensation process recover completely and are not entitled to permanency compensation while most injured workers continue to have some degree of permanent problems continuing for well after treatment ends.  The permanent problems may consist of simply some occasional pain or it may be as debilitating as constant pain and inability to function.  The severity of the complaints roughly equates to the amount of the permanency compensation HOWEVER there are numerous other factors that are consider when determining what is adequate and fair compensation. 

Parkville workers compensation attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh has extensive experience determining what is adequate and fair compensation while considering the length of treatment, extent of treatment, life altering changes, and degree of functionality.  

For an extensive discussion on the distinction between Permanency Compensation versus Settlement Compensation see PERMANENCY or you can also see SETTLEMENT

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Personal Injury Attorney

Parkville personal injury attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh has been representing injured Parkville residents for years.  One of his first clients was an injured employee who lived down the street from Mr. Rodabaugh.  As Mr. Rodabaugh’s clientele grew so did his experience and zeal which ultimately led him to handle only personal injury and workers compensation cases. Personal Injury cases can be tough to navigate unless you are a fairly experienced attorney. 

Even some experienced attorneys have a difficult time dealing with personal injury cases.  While auto accident cases may sometimes be easy for some attorney’s to handle, not every lawyer is qualified to handle a auto accident resulting in significant injury or death.  Adversely minor injury cases may prove difficult for some attorney’s when the defendant is a  large corporation such as Walmart, Home Depot, or other large retail box stores.  As an attorney representing the people of Parkville Mr. Rodabaugh has been fortunate enough to have represented injury victims against defendants of all shapes and sizes.  Personal Injury cases may arise in a variety of scenarios, some of which are:

  • slip and falls on ice as a result of a stores negligence in not properly and timely clearing snow or ice
  • injuries from products falling off of shelving in a retail store
  • slip and falls from spills that were not timely cleaned up
  • assault and battery by a store employee
  • injuries resulting from an employees negligent steering of a pallet jack


If you have been injured on the job  Parkville Workers Comp attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh can help.  No fee unless money is recovered!


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Mr. Rodabaugh was a professional and courteous attorney who had my best interest in mind when handling my case.  I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of Workers Comp. Counsel.
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Parkville personal injury and  workers compensation attorney

Parkville Workers Compensation Attorney and Personal Injury Lawyer

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