The Maryland Workers Compensation Commission

Maryland Workers Compensation Commission

Maryland Workers Compensation Commission

The Maryland Workers Compensation Commission

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The Maryland Workers Compensation Commission (MWCC) or The Commission is the state agency provided authority by the executive branch of Maryland to oversee and administer workers compensation benefits.  Often, but wrongly, they are referred to as workers comp insurance.  At the beginning of each hearing docket the Commissioner will announce that the MWCC is not affiliated in any way with an insurance company.  The workers compensation commission is tasked with hearing and deciding contests between Maryland workers comp insurers and injured Maryland workers.  They are given authority to adopt regulations, impose fines and penalties, issue subpoena’s, ensure compliance with Title 9 of the Labor and Employment Article, review and approve or deny settlements between injured workers and insurers, and more.

The Maryland Workers Compensation Commission consists of administrative staff, 9 Commissioners, a secretary, and 1 Chairman who also acts as a Commissioner but is tasked with oversight of the agency.

Maryland Workers Compensation Commission and the Commissioners

In lay description they are the judges in workers compensation cases who conduct hearings between the Maryland injured worker and the workers compensation insurance company.  The Maryland workers compensation Commissioners make the ultimate decision regarding what if any benefits the injured worker is entitled.  On occasion a Commissioners’ decision is appealed to the applicable County Circuit Court by an aggrieved party.  More about appeals?

Under current law Commissioners are appointed by the governor of the state.  To qualify for appointment they must be at least 30 years old and a resident of the state for at least 5 years.  They must also have been admitted to practice law in the state.  The Maryland Workers Compensation Commission –  Commissioners are appointed for a term of 12 years and remain in their position until it is filled by an appointment.

Maryland Workers Compensation Commission and the Chairman

The chairman acts just as the other 9 appointment Maryland Workers Comp Commissioners only with additional responsibilities.  The chairman is the administrative head of the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.  The chairman has final say over the administrative work of the commission and the employees, assigns cases for hearings, and conducts hearings as long as this responsibility does not interfere with the performance of the administrative duties.


The Maryland Workers Compensation Commission hearing locations

There are seven offices of the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission, six of which operate for the purpose of conducting hearings only.  The main office is located in Baltimore and is the home of the administrative staff.

The Baltimore office is the only Venue that accepts mail, filings, and support for the public.  There are 4 hearing rooms at the Baltimore office, 2 of which are regularly used but based on the case load at the particular time of year all four could be used.  Hearing are held in Baltimore daily.


Address: 10 East Baltimore Street, 4th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202

The Beltsville  Maryland Workers Compensation Commission hearing site consists of 3 hearing rooms that are regularly used.  The facility is located in a commercial park.  Beltsville is one of the busiest locations because hearings for injured workers living in both the D.C. and Baltimore Metro area are often scheduled there.  There are a number of meeting rooms attorneys and clients are able to use to discuss their cases.  Hearing are held in Beltsville daily.


Address: 4780 Corridor Place, Suite D, Beltsville, Maryland 20705

The Abingdon Maryland Workers Compensation Commission hearing site consists of two hearing rooms that are regularly used.  Injured workers residing in Harford, Baltimore, Cecil, and occasionally Carroll counties will likely have hearings at the Abgindon location.  The facility is located in a commercial park.  Hearings are held in Abingdon regularly but frequency may vary from once a week to four times a week.


Address: 3465 Box Hill Corporate Center Drive, Suite E, Abingdon, MD 21009

The Frederick Maryland Workers Compensation Commission hearing location has only one hearing room and hearings are conducted regularly with frequency varying from 1 day a week to 4 days a week on average.  The hearing room is located in an Office building structure that is shared with various  business.


Address: 1890 N Market Street, Suite 200, Frederick, MD 21701

The Cambridge Maryland Workers Compensation Commission site is less often used than some of the other venues however hearings are held usually around 1 or 2 times weekly.  There is one hearing room.  It is located at the end of a commercial property.


Address: 828 Airpax Rd, Building B, Suite 400, Cambridge, MD 21613

Hearings are held in La Plata Maryland Workers Compensation Commission roughly 1 to three time a week and injured workers residing in La Plata, Waldorf, Southern Maryland, and the District of Columbia will often see there hearings scheduled at this facility.


Address: Old Towne Center, 403 East Charles St., La Plata, MD 20646

Hearings are held in the LaVale Maryland Workers Compensation Commission venue only on occasion and it is not unusual for hearing to take place only once a month.  Presumably, in an effort to conserve state spending the hearings take place in the conference room of the Comfort Inn & Suites.  While the location is not glamorous and lacks a sense of formality it is a good alternative to having the bills and expenses of a facility solely operated by the Commission.

WESTERN MARYLAND (ALC): Cumberland/ LaVale

Address: Comfort Inn & Suites, 1216 National Highway, Cumberland MD 21502


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The Workers Compensation Commission
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The Workers Compensation Commission
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