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You may need a Maryland Workman’s Comp Attorney for numerous reasons.

Why would I need a workers comp attorney

Because I am a workers compensation attorney this post may certainly be looked at as a self serving write up with the main goal of business growth and expansion.  The true purpose of the post is to provide the reasons why an injured worker would need a workers comp attorney.  There are absolutely scenario’s where the injured worker does not need a workers comp attorney.  When deciding to hire or not hire an attorney it is important to weigh the pros and cons of doing so.  I have attempted to create a non bias list of some pros and cons of hiring a workers compensation attorney which can be found on the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney.

It is important to know a Maryland workers compensation attorney only gets paid if he or she recovers money for the injured worker.  No recovery means no fee!  In that circumstance the attorneys time answering questions, negotiating with the adjuster, going to hearings, and getting treatment, and all the other behind the scenes activities are FREE to the injured worker.

You need a workers comp attorney to provide guidance and answer questions

The workers compensation process is confusing and most injured employees are somewhat uneasy about whether they are treated properly and provided all the benefits they are owed from the insurance adjusters.  Perhaps the injured is not interested in all the benefits but they just want to make sure things are being handled properly by the workers comp insurer.  A qualified Maryland workers compensation attorney can make sure that things are indeed being handled properly and the injured worker gets answers.

As the case progresses the questions will increase and the answers from the adjuster will decrease.  Most workers comp adjusters are quite busy and need to prioritize the work they perform which may include prioritizing calls from the injured worker.  The worker has questions and eventually the adjuster does not have the time to answer these questions.  As the case progresses the questions build and go unanswered, often to the detriment of the employee.  A common reason why injured workers need a workers comp attorney.

You need a workers compensation attorney to force communication with the adjuster

A qualified and experienced Maryland workers comp attorney can help with the communication issue between the hurt worker and the adjuster.  After most questions are answered by the attorney representing the injured worker there may be a need for an explanation or reason as to why, for instance, treatment is not being authorized or lost wages have not been received.  Maryland workers compensation attorneys will know that he can file issues with the workers compensation commission which will generate a hearing and force the adjuster or defense attorney to show up and provide an explanation.  While the injured Maryland worker can certainly file for a hearing on their own it is not advisable as they will most likely be met with hostility and aggression and poor results.  They will need a workers comp attorney to represent them at hearings.  Comp laws are complicated and understanding the procedures of Maryland workers compensation laws are even more complicated.

You need a workers comp attorney to ensure the employers insurance company is providing all the benefits of which your employer has paid for!

Employers pay for workers compensation insurance so their employees are protected and taken care of in the event of injury.  It is quite possible the insurer could make a mistake and not see that the injured worker is not being paid at the correct rate for his or lost wages, or that the injured worker has not been sent for a rating or final evaluation.  When wages could be mistakenly lower than required by law the injured worker may need a workers comp attorney.  As previously stated, adjusters are often overworked and must prioritize.  This means they may not always “cross their T’s and dot their I’s.”  An aggressive Maryland workers comp attorney will make sure to do this for them!

But what  if Workers Comp is paying for everything? 

If you want to ensure all of the little benefits do not go unnoticed you need a workers comp attorney

Even the small things can be important to some.  Mileage reimbursement is often overlooked by insurance adjusters.  This I have personally gone to a hearing to get for my clients.  It may only be $50 but if it is owed to you by law then it should be paid to you.  Another simple thing that is often not taken seriously is the average weekly wage (aww) of the injured employee.  In Maryland, the aww determines the amount of lost wages to which an employee is entitled.  A ten dollar miscalculation can mean hundreds of dollars lost over the lifetime of the claim.

When the injured worker is discharged they should receive a rating or final evaluation for the purpose of receiving further compensation under their workers comp claim.  These Independent Medical Evaluations are scheduled most often with orthopedic surgeons.  While their is a slight possibility the insurer will schedule this, they will not schedule this with a doctor that has the injured workers best interest in mind.  The rating the insurance company arranges usually provide for far less compensation and sometimes no compensation.  A knowledgeable Maryland workers compensation lawyer will be able to arrange a meeting with an orthopedic surgeon or internal medicine physician for a rating that will have your interest in mind.

You may need a workers compensation attorney get treatment approved by filing for hearings 

If you are reading this than you very likely have been denied authorization for treatment or have not yet received that authorization.  An aggressive Maryland workers compensation attorney can force the insurer to provide treatment that has been prescribed and demand a response in the process.  If there seems to be no progress in the case a hearing can be requested.  Sometimes a workers comp attorney simply filing for a hearing is enough to get movement in the workers comp case. 

To protect your workers comp rights from the Statute of Limitations you may need a workers comp attorney

It is absolutely imperative that the statute of limitations is preserved in your Maryland workers compensation case.  If the statute of limitations runs the coveted medical treatment for life could be forever lost.  For some who have had serious injuries this could be life altering.  If your injury is serious then it is imperative to sit down and at least receive a free consultation.

The Workers Compensation Insurance company has an attorney advising them

It is always best to speak with an attorney for a free consultation before making the final decision not to hire an attorney.  The insurance company has an attorney on retainer to answer any questions that may arise while the claim is ongoing.  The injured worker should have an attorney for questions as well.

In workers compensation arthritis and degeneration may come up as their defense.   You can speak with Maryland workers compensation attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh for a FREE consultation   Call Click to email  or just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and Mr. Rodabaugh will contact you!


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