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Many injured workers are reluctant to obtain legal help because they feel that the workers comp attorney fees will be billed hourly and will quickly add up.  This is not the case with Maryland workers compensation attorneys because there is no up front fee.  Fees are on a contingency basis meaning the attorney is paid only if money is recovered for the injured Maryland worker.

Maryland Workers Comp Attorney Fees are on a contingency basis

A contingency fee arrangement has been the overriding practice among personal injury attorneys.  This includes workers comp attorney fees, medical malpractice, car accidents, slip and falls, defamation, and other cases.  The contingency fee arrangement is an agreement between the client/injured and their representing lawyer indicating the lawyer will use his or her own money to obtain medical records, hire witnesses, pay for litigation expenses, and cover most expenses as they come up in the case.  In return for the workers comp attorney fee contingency arrangement the injured client agrees to pay the attorney a percentage of the money the attorney is able to recover.  In addition the injured worker would agree to reimburse the lawyer for his out of pocket expenses.

The theory of a contingency fee arrangement is to provide those who do not have adequate finances to pay for an attorney the opportunity to do so.  Typically  non-personal injury attorney fees can range anywhere from$150 to $1,000 an hour but this is not the case in personal injury cases.  Some argue that workers comp attorney fees are high considering they are not the one who had to deal with the physical pain and inconvenience.  Others appreciate the fact that it could end up being a total loss for an attorney if the case is not successful, and without the contingency arrangement they may be stuck paying an hourly rate.

While most auto accident and personal injury attorney’s charge anywhere from 33 1/3 % to 40%, Maryland workers comp attorney fees are mandated by statutory law.

Maryland Workers Comp Attorney Fees for settlement or a permanency award

The contingency fee arrangement in a workers compensation case is unique because Maryland’s Code of Regulations indicates in black letter law what the attorney may charge.  The typical Maryland workers comp attorney fee is 20%, however as the amount of compensation recovered increases the fee percentage decreases.  If the attorney recovers $300,000 the fee is not going to be $60,000.

What is also interesting about Maryland workers comp attorney fees is that the fee is capped by state law.  For example if the recovery is $200,000, the fee is likely going to be close or the same as a fee in a $500,000 case.  Depending on the year of the injury the cap will be different.  Currently attorney fees are capped at below $20,000.

If you have been injured on the job while working in Maryland or while working for a Maryland employer there should be no reluctance to higher a Maryland workers compensation attorney based on the fee they may charge.

Workers Comp Attorney Fees for recovering lost wages

As previously indicated an attorneys fee for a settlement or permanency award is roughly 20% but gets reduced as the amount of the settlement increases.  Maryland workers comp attorney fees for recovering lost wages are mandated at 10%.  If an injured worker was not paid temporary total disability TTD by the insurance adjuster and the workers comp attorney is required to go to a hearing then their fee is 10% of the money recovered.  If however, the attorney is able to convince the adjuster to make the lost wage payments without the need for a hearing then the 10% fee is not applicable and the injured worker will owe nothing to the attorney out of the back TTD that is paid.


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