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Harfrod County Workers Comp Attorney

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Harford County workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh practices throughout the state of Maryland.  Workers Compensation cases involve the injured worker, the employer, the workers compensation insurance company, and the Jurisdiction of the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.  Because workers compensation is statutorily codified it is a legal creature of the state and not any particular County.  As such, a Harford County claim is essentially no different than a claim in any other county.  An experienced attorney that practices law in Harford County will be able to identify some differences in a workers comp claim for a Harford County resident versus any other state resident.

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Harford County Workers Compensation Attorney and the cases handled

As mentioned there are only minor distinctions between a Harford County, Maryland workers compensation case and those throughout the rest of the state.  The key determining factor for any workers compensation case and which legal venue will apply is the injured workers residence.  If a resident of Harford County is injured on the job their workers compensation case will first be heard at the Abingdon workers compensation Commission.  It is at this hearing that a Harford County Workers Compensation Attorney can assist the injured worker but the injured will have to first retain the attorney.  The Workers Compensation Commission addresses and descriptions can be found here.

To be clear, at the administrative level, or at the Workers Compensation Commission level, the location of the accidental injury, or the location of the employer does not affect where the hearing will be held.  Should the administrative decision be appealed to the Circuit Court there is a chance the case will move from Harford County to a different county court as the location of the accident and the employers location come into play in determining the proper jurisdiction and venue.

Harford County Workers Compensation Attorney & some of the claims we have handled

    Truck Driver tore a ligament in his shoulder when attempting to secure a load of product.  The injury required arthroscopic surgery and post operative physical therapy.  The case went to a permanency hearing at the Workers Compensation Commission.  Harford County workers comp attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh helped secure an award of over $25,000.

    Dump Truck Driver fell off the back of his truck when he was attempted to clear off debris from a crush ‘n’ run delivery.  The fall resulted in injury to his back and a course of physical therapy.  Mr. Rodabaugh helped secure the medical treatment and obtain a permanency award over $10,000.

    Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) injured her back when she was transferring patient from a wheel chair to the patients’ bed.  A course of physical therapy was obtained and, while cortisone injections were offered, the client declined.  Harford County Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh was able to secure $17,000 in settlement money.  This was after the injured only obtaining a course of physical therapy and consultations.

    A County officer injured his knee on multiple occasions.  Once during an attack by an inmate and the other during physical training.  Arthroscopic surgery was performed and a course of post operative physical therapy was obtained.  The cases were settled for over $25,000.

    Contractor was carrying tool bag to the job site when he slipped and fell on his shoulder.  The case was challenged because of a long delay in medical treatment.  Compensation was obtained after negotiations between Harford County Workers Compensation Attorney Rodabaugh and the insurance attorney in an amount over $18,000.

    A carpenter was carrying a large piece of wood when his bicep detached.  Surgery was obtained and the case went to a permanency hearing resulting in over a $10,000 permanency award to the injured worker.

    A Harford County highways worker was digging a footer and injured his shoulder and hand.  After arthroscopic surgery to the shoulder and follow up treatment the case went to permanency.  An award of over $30,000 was obtained.

Some Common questions the injured worker may have for Harford County Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh

    How much does a workers compensation attorney charge?  The attorney fees in any Maryland state workers compensation case are on a contingency basis meaning no money is paid up front.  Payment is made according to Maryland law and only after money is recovered in the injury case.  Want further discussion on attorney fees?

    What benefits is the injured worker entitled to?  The injured worker is entitled to lost wages while being held out of work, medical treatment, consults, surgery, and diagnostics paid for by the workers compensation insurer, vocational rehabilitation, compensation for permanent damage, and more.  For further reading on benefits go here.

    Do you need a workers compensation attorney?  As a workers compensation attorney my opinion may perhaps be a bit self promoting, however the answer is most often yes.  If you are questioning whether you need an attorney presumably some issue or concern has arisen that needs resolution.  A Harford County workers compensation attorney can help with this.  

    What is the workers compensation process?  The workers compensation process can vary to a large degree from one case to another.  Many factors determine what the process will look like in any given workers comp case.  Consider: whether multiple hearings , or no hearings will take place, if treatment gets denied, how long recovery period is needed, is a return to the same occupation foreseeable, is there an opportunity to settle early on in the case, and more.  For a basic outline of the workers compensation process go here.

    How much is my Harford County workers compensation claim worth?  Again, there are just too many factors that come into play to discuss the value of any given workers comp claim without a thorough discussion with an attorney.  Among other factors, attorneys will consider the average weekly wage, amount of treatment, severity of injury as it is supported by positive diagnostic tests, and future medical treatment.  Go here for a full discussion on settlement and permanency.

How are Harford County Maryland workers compensation cases different than others?

Workers Compensation laws are drafted by state legislature and therefore are not distinguishable in each county of Maryland, however the administrative regulations may indirectly and unintentionally affect an injured worker depending on the location of the proper venue and jurisdiction.  A qualified Harford County workers compensation attorney will know the facts that may distinguish the claim.  Like any legal case the particular jurisdiction may provide jury pools of residence with particular political and sociological mindsets.  Juries in Baltimore and Prince Georges county are notably more favorable for the plaintiff, or for purposes of a workers compensation case the injured worker.  While jury member that are selected in Harford County and many eastern shore counties may be a bit more favorable to the workers compensation insurer or defendants.

Workers Compensation cases are initially heard at the administrative level and in fact may never reach to Circuit Court for the applicable county which means the injured worker may not have to be faced with a favorable or unfavorable jury.  Harford County Workers Compensation Attorneys regularly practice at the Abingdon Commission location.  While there will never be a jury present at any Commission hearing, there are some Commissioners that are predicted to be at this location more often than others.  The decisions of a particular Commissioner can have a significant impact on any workers comp award and it is important to obtain a workers compensation attorney familiar with Harford County claims.

Some Maryland Counties are made up of predominately blue collar employees, white collar workers, government workers, or private sector employees.  These statistics are important as they assist in determining and predicting what type of work injuries are more common in any given georgraphic location.  Harford County seems to have a mix in the workforce which can be indicative of average rates of injury however this is only a gross assumption and could only be varified through extensive research by qualified researchers.  For statistics of Harford County workforce see the government’s page.

Harford County Workers Compensation Attorney Andrew M. Rodabaugh represents Harford County injured workers in the following areas:

Bel Air North, Bel Air South, Darlington, Edgewood, Fallston, Jarrettsville, Joppatowne, Perryman, Pleasant Hills, Pylesville, Riverside, Abingdon, Aldino, Benson, Berkley, Cardiff, Castleton, Churchville, Clayton, Constant Friendship, Creswell, Dublin, Emmorton, Fairview, Forest Hill, Fountain Green, Glenwood, Hess, Hickory, Hopewell Village, Joppa, Kalmia, Madonna, Norrisville, Shawsville, Street, Taylor, Whiteford

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